It's a fact of manufaturing that not every thing comes out perfect which gives you the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price. These Ants Off table tops have faults such as: Rough edges on the base, a wavey surface on the back wall of the table top, a bumpy surface on the area on the back of the table top under the back wall., slight bubbling on the surface ( less than 1cm ) Some have a marble effect and some don't. Not all will have all of the faults, the main one being the rough edges on the bases.  These faults don't effect the function of Ants Off, they are just cosmetic. The legs will be the traditional gray marble color and are without defects.  


It’s important to keep your Ants Off tray from touching surfaces like walls which will give ants access to it so don't forget to purchase my anti skid bumpers with your Ants Off purchase if you think your diner might move the table while eating. Also helps keep it in place if knocked. 


The Ants Off™ raised pet feeding table is a solution for pet owners frustrated with ant infested pet food. Guaranteed to keep your pets food 100% ant free. Comes with a bottle of long lasting non toxic ant barrier to add to the base of the legs.


Designed for pets feeding dishes to be placed directly onto the table surface. Will accommodate 2 bowls up to an 18cm diameter. Suitable for small dry food dispensers.

Simply wipe any pet food spills with a non abrasive clean damp cloth. Legs are removable for easy cleaning.

Table dimensions: 395mm long. 195mm wide. 80mm from floor to front of table top. Ergonomic for elderly cats/dogs as they can sit down while eating.

Made from durable ABS plastic.


Bowls not included.

I am the designer and distributor of this product, proudly manufactured in South East QLD, Australia. I guarantee my Ants Off Tables 100%. If you have any questions regarding Ants Off  I'm here to help so please don't hesitate to email me from my contact page.



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