If you own a cat you may have stared at it thinking about how much it needs a bath or it’s claws trimmed or those ears lightly cleaned....and that’s as far as it usually gets specially after you call in the rest of the family on the matter. I don’t know why really! It could have something to do with those claws as it “fight for it’s life” as you try to sooth it’s soul during these processes. I don’t know about you but I usually need a round of therapy or two afterwards while the cats life goes on as usual, unscathed and instant re happiness.

Then there this: The Adjustable Mesh Polyester, no Scratching, No Biting Cat Bag. Just pop puss in, zip her up and away you go.

• A good helper for cats grooming, bathing, trimming nails, cleaning ears and teeth, feeding, giving medicines and shots, etc. Protect you from expected scratching and biting.
• Made of high quality tough polyester, won’t be torn easily. Mesh design is more convenient while the cat is bathing .
• Well-designed with clips and zipper, more convenient to use it.