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Ants Offtm Platforms for Dry

Pet Food Dispensers



Because dry pet food dispensers come in so many different styles and sizes these clear perspex ant free platforms with the classic Ants Off legs are custom made. All you need to do is measure your dispenser and email me the size you will need. Your looking at around a week at the most for it to be produced and shipping time on top of that. The cost depends on the size. Ants Off dispensers platforms start at $24.95 plus $15 postage. An example of a small rectangular platform would be roughly 35cm X 25cm or a platform for a circular dispenser would be 35cm x 35cm. Ants Off Raised Pet Feeding Tables will accommodate a dispenser within the size of 38cm x 18cm wide base although it will take some over hang in the width.

Ants Offtm Platform for Dry Pet Food Dispensers




The hanging bird feeder ant barrier is an Ants Offtm aviary accessory that will keep your lorikeet/bird feed 100% ant free and is designed to be used with an existing hanging bird feeder (not included).




Attach the feeder’s suspension wire or cord to the upper Eye Screw as high up along the line as possible or directly onto the roof. The lower main wire or cord (attached to the feeder) is connected to the Eye Screw at the base. Vegetable oil is then added to the receptacle (see image right ) which creates an effective, long lasting barrier against ant infestation.

For use in covered enclosures only.


If you would like to purchase A Hanging Ant Barrier they are available from my Ebay Store. The price is $16 with free postage.

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