I'm picky... I'm a cat sitter - I see lots of cats and lots of houses and nearly every one has ant problems. I've sat in houses where ants are in the food within 20 minutes of putting it out, every single day. Put in an Ants-Off table, never an ant in the food again, even after weeks. No changing water every few hours because a messy eater has dropped food in it and it's gone foul. No drying up moats in hot weather, or having someone drink the moat instead of their water bowl. Just set and forget! I think they look good too. I don't normally give testimonials but I've never found anything else that works this well. Something else to add to my travel pack so I don't have ant troubles no matter where I go.


Andrea Griffith




All I can say is "HALLELUJAH" a product that does what it says and not just for the first few days.I put the tables in with my cats on Saturday 9th and still to this day, NO ANTS. I have saved money on both meat and biscuit as there is no wastage caused by ant infestation.

Many Thanks 

Steph Haskins.

Aussieposhpaws Bengal Cattery.


I have been using the Ants Off tables now for several months and think they are absolutely wonderful and are saving me from throwing out ant infested cat food daily.

Kellie Rowe

Kelanrowe Ragdolls -  http://www.kelanrowe.com/



We had a terrible ant problem, it was a constant battle to keep them out of the cat and dog food. Since we purchased our Ants Off we have not had a single ant near the food. Not only has it helped with this but it has also helped our diabetic cat.

Before he would lay down to eat because he is using use of his back legs, but now he has to sit up to eat which means he has to use his legs and helps to keep the muscles in in legs strong. Thank you for such a fantastic product.

Davies Family



I breed British Shorthair cats and I have 5 of these tables. They are awesome! No more ants in the food bowls and best of all no more food bowls inside water bowls!! No mess no fuss, just love them! Keep up the good work guys I will be recommending them to all my kitten buyers and my breeder friends :) :) 

Tracey Bill.



Hi all. My names Debbie Cross, I just wanted to say that my  antsoff is the best thing ever. .. no more wasted cat food because the cat food is covered in ants, which means we are saving money as well. .. we can go away for the weekend and leave enough food out for the cats and don't have to worry about putting the cat food dishes into trays of water to try and keep the ants off the cat food.  ( which didn't work like we thought it would).. I would highly recommend antsoff to everyone with either cats or small dog's to invest in a tray.