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These quality, and I do mean real quality, stainless steel bowls are the purrfect addition to your Ants Off tray. They are an ideal fit, have a silicone non slip removable base  and the gold color on the black tray is simply stunning.  The silver compliments the lighter colors in grey and white marble perfectly too. The Ants Off tables are only an example how the bowls will look and fit. The bowls are shallow so your kitty won’t suffer from whisker fatigue.

Cats’ whiskers are incredibly sensitive, and when they come into contact with the sides of a deep bowl, it can cause pain or overstimulation. This can lead to avoidance of the bowl altogether or pushing food and water onto the floor in an attempt to get it closer to their mouth. Secondly, shallow bowls help prevent whisker fatigue. Whisker fatigue is a condition that occurs when a cat’s sensitive whiskers are constantly rubbing against the sides of a high sided bowl. Most cat are grazers, preferring to eat on and off during the day. This can be uncomfortable and even painful for the cat, causing them to avoid eating altogether. Shallow bowls eliminate this problem by providing enough space for your cat’s whiskers to move freely without any discomfort.

You will save $8 when purchasing the table/twin bowl set as to buying a pair of bowls on their own.

DIMENSIONS:   180mm base. 30mm depth..Plenty of width for wet or dry food.

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls Pair

  • Base 180mm. Depth 30mm

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