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For those wanting an ant proofing solution for self made platforms larger than my Ants Off pet feeding station I am offering the legs to purchase separately. They are only available in sets of 4 grey/dark grey marble effect colors. I have supplied a picture of an example of mounting the legs into a block of timber using a size 20 spade bit. It gives a tight fit and the legs can still be removed if needed. The block can then be attached under a table surface of the size and material of your choosing.

Just add vegetable oil or Diatomaceous Earth into the base of the legs as an effective and long lasting ant barrier. I have larger 100g bags of DE available to purchase on my website and sets of 4 anti slip bumpers  (the bumpers can't be purchased on their own sorry)   The legs come with a small complimentary bag of DE for each set ordered, more than enough for one application so you have all you need to set up your home made ant proof platform. 

1x satchel ( approx 20g) of Diatomaceous Earth powder included.

Perfect for indoor or undercover use. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Dimension of the legs are:

H 65mm W 57mm

Proudly Made In Australia


Set of 4 Ants Off Legs for the Handyman

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